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  • Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.

    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.

    June 16, 2010, 7:21 am
    Captain Kirk is an important figure in pop culture and TV history. For Trekkies, he’s the beginning of a lifestyle. For TV he was the male counterpart in the first ever, interracial kiss broadcasted. For editors, Shatner’s campy (yet sincere and believable) acting as well as his seemingly deliberate movements make Kirk easy to cut. I know he’s on my top 10 list of people I hope to meet someday! (Mr. Shatner that is, not Kirk...)


    -Scene heavily involves Captain Kirk as played by William Shatner
    -Cheese is encouraged, but not necessary... A Must!
    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.
    5. "Kirk vs. Kirk" Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country

    In this scene Kirk gets in a fistfight with a shape-shifter... who has taken the form of Kirk. There is quite a bit of banter (and fists) between the two and considering the VFX capabilities at the time it’s pretty well done. The montage is a little wonky, but the scene’s content as well as Shatner’s killer line delivery makes it a really fun scene.
    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.
    4. "KAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!!!" Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn

    This will forever be my favourite Star Trek scene. It’s an internet "lol-meme" classic (for all the geeks like me out there), and on a more personal note, all throughout high school my best friend and I would run around school quoting the scene daily (complete with furious Shatner yell). In all seriousness, once you get over Kirk’s goofy awesome facial expression the scene is actually edited very well. Kahn is obviously frustrated and the tension between them is so tight that eventually you realize that the furious Shatner yell is the only thing that can release it.
    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.
    3. "Kirk gets mind-melded" Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

    Here I’m referring to the scene near the beginning where Spock’s father is joining minds with Kirk thinking that Spock would have transferred his soul to Kirk. It’s a relatively short scene that involves extreme close ups almost exclusively. The scene is a great example of choosing great takes; emotion can be difficult to convey in an extreme close up. This is especially true for showing eyes, because just as they say "the eyes are the windows to the soul," and if the emotion isn’t there, even the editor will have a hard time with it!
    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.
    2. "Italian Dinner with Whale Lady" Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Just like #4 was Nina’s favourite Star Trek movie scene, this is Nina’s favourite Star Trek movie (and it’s not just the San Francisco thing, jeez). This scene is very straightforward when it comes to cutting, seeing as it’s a basic dinner table scene (cut from one person to the alternate view and back, etc). What makes it great is the timing. Kirk is saying some seemingly absurd stuff (at least to whale lady) but is also trying to be serious and suave at the same time. ...and this is done in a way that only Captain Kirk (helped by the editor, of course) can pull off.
    Top Five Captian Kirk Moments in a Star Trek Feat.
    1. "Kirk meets Picard" Star Trek VII: Generations

    In this scene, everything is done right. The montage is smooth, the pacing is great, and Kirk is thoroughly quirky in all the right ways. The viewer also gets a good sense that time is not a factor (just like everybody keeps talking about concerning the "Nexus" where Kirk is trapped), almost as if they are in a peaceful place that’s not real. Something is always just a little off. I think that has something to do the cutting pace, but I can’t put my finger on it.

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