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  • Top 5 Edited Superman Movies

    Top 5 Edited Superman Movies

    May 25, 2011, 2:05 pm
    Superman has long been the quintessential American superhero, and has been manifested in popular culture in a plethora of ways since his creation in the 1930s. My favourite moving renditions of him have to be the Fleischer cartoon series from the WWII era, but he really exploded into unprecedented iconic stature in 1978 when Hollywood came out with <i>Superman</i> and <i>Superman II</i>. I know that I certainly almost always think of Christopher Reeve the second someone mentions the name Superman.

    5. Superman III (1983)
    At first it's set up to be what looks to be a fun filled movie with Richard Pryor right off the bat, but as the movie continued I couldn't help but realize that this is quite possibly one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. The story is all over the place (I got lost quite a few times), and the characters are really inconsistent.. fortunately the editing tries its best to salvage it, and is probably the only reason to watch the movie.
    4. Superman IV (1987)
    I was really impressed with the kinds of camera moves they were using and the way those moves were cut together in this movie. It's hard to explain, but the shots and moves were years ahead of the effects that were placed on them! The editing reflects this, and again saves the poor plot from being unwatchable.
    3. Superman (1978)
    I love the whole first half of this film, but when it gets overly cheesy it loses me completely. Fortunately, the smooth movements in the editing as well as the epic montages and great take selection at key (and sometimes profound) moments keep the movie fun and a very iconic piece of film.
    2. Superman Returns (2006)
    Ah, the black sheep. I battled with the idea of keeping this one in the mix, but it does technically follow the same storyline and history that the Christopher Reeve ones set up. This one has typical seamless new Hollywood editing, but it's missing a bit of character within it.
    1. Superman 2 (1980)
    This film, all around, has awesome editing. It feels a bit more real than the others, and the montage work is crafted nicely. The pace is a bit slower, and feels methodical and almost menacing. In this way, a tension is created that all the other films lack.

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    • The Top 5 American Western Standoffs

      The Top 5 American Western Standoffs

      August 5, 2009, 12:24 pm
      To kick off the first post for the Edit Decision List, I thought it would be fitting to choose a topic that relies on one of the most fundamental techniques in editing film: building tension. There are many places for using this technique, but it is in its most blatant use in the Western Standoff. Therefore here is The Top 5 American Western Standoffs based on editing.

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    • Top 5 Edited Live Action Movie With Talking Animal

      Top 5 Edited Live Action Movie With Talking Animal

      July 17, 2009, 12:32 pm
      I just recently finished compositing some shots for a live-action Disney DVD film (soon to come) involving talking animals. This is the first time that I’ve really done anything like that, and although I wasn’t editing, I could appreciate how difficult it can be to edit a film with animal actors as I saw the shots come in. And it’s difficult regardless of if they have moving mouths or not. Animals aren’t really "acting" on their free will as humans do, so discerning which take is the best has to with a mixture of the action being performed properly (pun intended) as well as juxtaposing the action with another action to convey an accurate sense of emotion, which 95% of animals (arguably) don’t naturally exhibit.

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