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We are creating a list of the greatest films ever edited and their editors. Submit a film and let us know what you think of the films submitted.

The Films and Their Editors

All That Jazz | Alan Heim
Amadeus | Michael Chandler/Nena Danevic
Battleship Potemkin | Sergei M. Eisenstein
Battle of Algiers | Mario Morra/Mario Serandrei
Best Years of Our lives | Danny Mandell
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls | Dann Cahn/Dick Wormell
Blood Diamond | Steve Rosenblum
Bonnie and Clyde | Dede Allen
Bullitt | Frank P. keller Casablanca | Owen Marks
Citizen Kane | Robert Wise
City of God | Daniel Rezende
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon | Tim Squyres
De Fem Benspaend (The Five Obstructions) | Daniel Dencik/Morten H°jbjerg/Camilla Skousen
Departed, The | Thelma Schoonmaker
Don't Look Now | Graeme Clifford
Easy Rider | Donn Cambern
Full Metal Jacket | Martin Hunter
Godfather, The | William Reynolds/Peter Zinner
JFK | Joe Hutshing/Pietro Scalia
Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 | Sally Menke
Lawrence of Arabia | Anne V. Coates
Memento | Dody Dorn
Network | Alan Heim
No Country for Old Men | Roderick Jaynes (The Coen Brothers)
North By Northwest | George Tomasini
Once Upon a Time in the West | Nino Baragli
O Bandido da Luz Vermelha | Silvio Renoldi
Out of Sight | Anne V. Coates
Raging Bull | Thelma Schoonmaker
Reservoir Dogs | Sally Menke
Rashomon | Akira Kurosawa
Run Lola Run | Mathilde Bonnefoy
Saving Private Ryan | Michael Kahn
Singin' In The Rain | Adrienne Fazan
Snatch | Jon Harris
The Atomic CafÚ | Kevin Rafferty/Pierce Rafferty/Jayne Loader
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | Eugenio Alabiso/Nino Baragli/Joe D'Augustine
The Graduate | Sam O'Steen
The Hours | Peter Boyle
The Limey | Sarah Flack
The Maltese Falcon | Thomas Richards
The Manchurian Candidate | Ferris Webster
The sweet Hereafter | Susan Shipton
The Thin Blue Line | Paul Barnes
Un Homme et une Femme | Claude Barrois/Claude Lelouch

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