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WooWave DreamSync Review

Written for Aotg.com by Jon Pácifer

To challenge the spotlight owned by PluralEyes for quite some time now, WooWave presents a new tool for video editors called DreamSync. WooWave DreamSync is a plugin that offers a new algorithm for recognizing and syncing audio very fast and precisely. The software only operates on its stand-alone interface offering a good interaction with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (and higher) and Sony Vegas.

A definite strong suit is the algorithm. It presented positive results on several tests, efficiently syncing multiple cameras with only camera audio, syncing different codecs, multiple cameras, and audio from audio recorders and a mixing table.

On the downside, the interface still has room for improvement,starting with the spinning wheel on the source monitor that keeps spinning no matter what. Not that it necessarily interferes with the functionality of the plugin, but doesn’t seem to have a reason for it. A more serious issue is the lack of status indicator to signify that the syncing process has started. The video does start to play once the sync is ready, however during the process everything looks as if nothing is happening. Therefore it can be hard to keep track of the progress, especially if you are operating from a less powerful computer.

When talking about the timeline functions, a very good feature is the creation of sequences for different segments of synced audio. The plugin automatically recognizes different grouping of clips per audio and organizes them in different sequences. This helps to keep things organized if you are dealing with large amounts of footage and audio. On the other hand, the timeline is not really user friendly. There is no option to mute or solo a channel, to check the sync, or even the option to play from a specific point of the timeline.

The exporting functions are good and work perfectly when bringing to the actual editing software. Avid users have to go through a few more steps, but still the plugin makes it very easy to access the folders where the XMLs and AAFs are stored.

Overall, the software seems very promising. There is no doubt about the quality of the actual sync. The processing speed is impressive and that makes WooWave DreamSync already interesting. It’s now a matter of giving a little more attention to the operational side - bringing more access and information to the preferences and configurations on its menus and moving closer to a more customizable experience. Right now everything looks a little basic, although solid for a beta version.

WooWave DreamSync has a real chance of becoming a strong option to compete with PluralEyes, if in future versions the users are given an interface that concentrates on options and functionalities that overcome the competition.

You can learn more about WooWave here

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