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  • Friday Night's Blog

    Friday Night's Blog

    June 12, 2010, 11:20 pm
    Edit Fest NY 2010

    Hi All – Some technical difficulties have robbed us of the ability to blog today so here it comes to you via a Guillotine Site Update!

    The evening started off with the general hello’s, followed up an Avid demo for Media Composer 5. Next up we had a raffle for tons of great books and software - one person actually walked away with a full Avid Media Composer Setup!!!

    Next up we had the opening night panel "The Lean Forward Moment" with Michael Berenbaum, Joe Klotz, Andrew Mondshein, Susan Morse and Andrew Weisblum - who were moderated by Norman Hollyn (I myself won autographed editions of Norman Hollyn’s great books The Film Editing Room Handbook" and "The Lean Forward Moment"!).

    Each of the editors discussed their favorite sequences from films they had NOT worked on:

    Michael Berenbaum - the opening sequence for "Once Upon A Time In The West" – chosen for its ability to fascinate and captivate; as well for the fact that with repeated viewings it never diminishes the tension and suspense it creates.

    Joe Klotz – the opening scene from "Dog Day Afternoon" – chosen because it shows the fine line between dramatic and comedic balance, coupled with the fact that the film/scene has very little music... something that "not every editor should be afraid to attempt".

    Andrew Mondshein – the final scene from "Bonnie and Clyde" – chosen for its impression made on him as a film viewer during its theatrical release as well as for the "almost sexy and violent poetic" cutting leading up to their deaths.

    Susan Morse – the opening scene for "Diving Bell and the Butterfly" – chosen for its crafting where "all aspects of filmmaking come together" and are all virtually indistinguishable, meaning that it’s not just the writing, or the acting, the camera work, the editing or the special effects... it could be one or all of them that came together to form this sequence.

    Andrew Weisblum – the hula-hoop scene from "Hudsucker Proxy" – chosen for its ability to create a purely visual story: every shot has a purpose and makes its point as efficiently as possible; it’s a story that could stand on it’s own.

    After the panel we were treated to a reception at the DGA - all mingled, drank and shared stories. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sabrina Plisco, Michael Berenbaum, Bobbi O’Steen and countless others (even a few Canucks!) all of whom told great stories and shared great wisdom.

    None of this can possibly sum up the great experience that was the opening night for EditFest 2010 – all there had such passion and enthusiasm for the craft of editing that I’m sure I’m not doing justice for... if you have a chance, you’ve gotta make the trek out here – it really is worth it.

    Catch you tomorrow with another update!
    - John Nicholls

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