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  • EditFest LA 2010 Begins!

    EditFest LA 2010 Begins!

    August 7, 2010, 4:57 am
    Tonight we were treated to the opening panel for the 2010 Los Angeles EditFest.
    Hosted by Randy Roberts with a panel consisting of Mark Chesse, Ed Abroms,
    Sally Menke and Pam Wise.

    First up the Editors discussed "Why editing?"
    Mark said that for him it wasn’t always on his mind and that he fell into it by accident – he was helping out on set when a producer invited him into Post.

    Ed’s journey was a little different – considering he was a native Californian, not to mention that both his parents were in industry, he was always around the biz in some form or another - After 9 years of persistence he finally got his big break.

    Sally Menke’s journey begun in still photography until she took a random film class with some friends and became taken by the art. After trying her hand at the various positions on a crew, Editor became her choice career.

    Pam Wise originally started out in sound (randomly at a party she got asked to be a sound recordist, and kept getting asked to do so) and then slowly migrated to picture editing and never left.

    The highlight for me though was when the panel discussed their advice to those looking to break into the industry.

    Mark Chesse said that in the beginning he would cut anything. "Throw yourself into it" – Always keep learning and always keep working – you never know who you’re going to work for, or who you’re going to impress.

    For Ed Abroms it was all about Connections – go to events, work on nights and weekends – do whatever it takes to get to know people, they will be the ones hiring you on your next gig... and you never know where or through whom that connection will come.

    Sally Menke made $300.00 a week cutting Reservoir Dogs. Her moto when starting out was keep your overhead low – keep things under control financially so that when you’re starting out you can afford to take chances, and take jobs that might not pay as much but that you believe in.

    "Get a mentor" – Pam Wise mentioned to the audience, she said that if you find someone’s work you enjoy, do whatever you can to try and get work with that person, in whatever capacity you can – they can teach you things no one else could. Also she mentioned that as editors we can step back and assist when we’re not editing, and edit while we’re not assisting – Do whatever you can to keep yourself in the game and learning.

    Gordon Burkell and I did a little podcast session with some of the highlights mentioned above – check it out HERE

    That wraps up day one – thanks for reading! Catch you tomorrow!

    - John

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