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  • Press Release

    ATEME and Zixi Extend MMT Across Ecosystem

    April 3, 2018, 7:47 am
    MMT Industry Standard Introduces New Workflow Concepts in Emerging High-Quality Video Applications

    WALTHAM, MA, April 3, 2018 - Zixi, an industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over the public Internet, and ATEME, a global leader in AV1, HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT, announce systems integrations and expansion that complies with industry standard MPEG Media Transport (MMT). Adding support for MMT means customers who rely on ATEME and Zixi to deliver broadcast quality live video over unmanaged IP networks now have an important new tool in their distribution arsenal.

    "As a dedicated member of media industry forums, we are pleased to add support for the industry developed standard MMT with our partners at Zixi," says Yossi Aloni, Chief Marketing Officer, ATEME. "We believe adhering to industry standards are important for the growth and innovation in video distribution markets around the world. For those media outlets catering to audiences that want dependable, flexible access to media content, assuring pristine video quality over the open Internet, ATEME and Zixi provide a dependable solution." 

    By supporting MMT industry standards professional broadcast customers will benefit by:
    * Industry-wide support and exposure to emerging technologies
    * Reduced deployment risk and wide distribution 
    * MMT standardizes industry video quality for wider applications
    * Increases orchestration planning and long-term efficiency
    * Investment and future-proof protection
    * MMT ensures products perform to market-wide specifications
    * MMT facilitates interchangeability of products and services

    "We believe that the value of supporting industry standards allows evolving professional video content creators more dependability and interoperability in distribution processes, and we are excited to continue to work with our partner ATEME, an innovator and leader in the encoding media market," says Israel Drori, Co-Founder and President, Zixi. "Providing tools that allow content creators to choose industry standard protocols provides industry professionals with the highest quality in their distribution processes." 

    MMT was developed by the MPEG industry workgroup to support the emerging need for highly dynamic signal transport. The encapsulation process in MMT accepts media coding without restricting or specifying how it is encoded. MMT allows broadcasters to get closer to their goal of easily distributing from glass-to-glass a broader variety of professional content such as Ultra HD video content, 3D video content, interactive content, user generated content, applications that support multi-device presentation, subtitles, picture-in-picture video and multiple audio tracks. 

    Zixi is seamlessly adding the MMT protocol stack to its cloud, hardware and software platforms. Customers and partners can incorporate the free Zixi SDK and API, allowing all applications to become MPEG standards-base compliant. The Zixi SDK and API provide a future-proof, cost effective, proven and secure method for delivering true broadcast quality live content over the open Internet. See a demo of the Zixi Platform and ZEN Master at NAB Show booth SU9110.

    About ATEME
    ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), Transforming Video Delivery. ATEME is a global leader in AV1, HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. More information is available at www.ateme.com. Follow us on Twitter: @ateme_tweets and LinkedIn.

    About Zixi
    Zixi provides a cloud based and on-premise software platform that enables broadcast-quality video delivery over the open Internet. The company offers the Zixi Platform for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, and mobile service providers around the world.  The Zixi Platform makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using unmanaged IP networks. Zixi provides enhanced management of large complex networks with ZEN Master, a cloud-based platform that provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, and monitor live broadcast channels and events across industry protocols.  Since 2007, the Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) has grown to grown to over 30 OEM and service providers and we serve well over 250 customers representing most of the top media brands around the world with thousands of channels. zixi.com

    See a demo of the Zixi Platform and ZEN Master at NAB 2018 booth SU9110.

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