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  • Press Release

    Genustech Moves Operations to the United States

    December 4, 2018, 11:56 am
    New headquarters in New York supports expanding media and vlogger teleprompting business

    Bohemia, NY – December 4, 2018 – Genustech, a global leader in camera accessories technology including matte boxes, filters and more, has officially moved its corporate headquarters to Bohemia, New York. All Genustech operations, including R&D, customer service and support, and manufacturing, have been transitioned to the United States from Hong Kong to allow the company to continue to innovate and grow its product line while maintaining superb customer support. 

    The move in operations puts Genustech at the intersection of media production and technology, enabling the company to meet increased product demands through accelerated manufacturing and shipping. “With the launch of Genustech ScriptShade™, we have seen an increase in business in non-traditional broadcast markets in particular with the online vloggers,” comments Kevin Reilly, president, Genustech. “While traditional broadcast and TV operations remain a cornerstone of our customer base, we have a rapidly growing business across YouTube influencers who have enhanced the quality of their programming as well as efficiency with professional gear like ScriptShade.” Reilly adds, “With the potential growth opportunity in front of us, establishing headquarters in New York puts us in the hub of media activity with tremendous access to talent to expand design, sales, service and manufacturing personnel.” 

    Crafted for the changing media landscape, ScriptShade is a multifunctional, high-quality Matte Box - Teleprompter combination that is lightweight, portable and easy to use. ScriptShade brings professional camera and prompting capabilities in a form factor that is ideal for smaller and remote productions.

    According to cinematographer Keith White, “Genustech ScriptShade is a one-of-a-kind handheld teleprompter, with nothing like it on the market. It’s an ideal solution for on-the-go production crews who need a portable kit to enhance the production value and control the narrative at the same time. It’s incredibly cost-effective, self-contained and nicely packaged with an easy and quick setup.”

    Genustech On-Demand Design and Manufacturing
    With the Genustech product design and manufacturing teams located in New York in one facility, engineering can incorporate customer feedback into the product design on the spot, with manufacturing building the latest product design to order. Reilly elaborates, “Our core product design philosophy is anchored around customer feedback. With our finger on the pulse of what the customer wants and needs, Genustech can anticipate where the market will grow and thus innovate with new designs and functionality. With such a strong customer support system in place in New York, we are able to always design, build and enhance products on demand.” 

    In addition to Genustech ScriptShade, the company offers other matte boxes & accessories, filters, adapter rings, camera cages, brackets, plates, arms, jibs, cranes, monitors and much more. 

    Request a Product Review Kit
    Members of the media interested in reviewing Genustech ScriptShade are invited to contact Anya Nelson at anya@zazilmediagroup.com to request a product review kit. 

    About Genustech
    Genustech is a global leader in camera accessories technology including matte boxes, filters and more. Founded in 2008, the company was created to improve the process of videography using DSLR cameras, which were not typically designed for video use. Genustech positioned itself as an innovator at the early stage of the market development, producing industry-changing accessories like the compact GWMC Matte Box, which is still the industry matte box standard for 4x4 filters.

    Since its creation, Genustech has released award-winning equipment, receiving Best of NAB product award for its 3D Compact Rig. The team at Genustech are proud to deliver the highest quality products and professional service to their customers around the world.

    In 2018, Genustech transitioned its headquarters and operations from Hong Kong to New York to allow the company to continue to innovate and grow its product line while maintaining superb customer support. https://www.genustech.tv/

    Press Contact
    Anya Nelson
    Zazil Media Group


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