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  • Press Release

    American Motor Sport Gears Up with Calrec’s Summ

    October 10, 2019, 2:35 pm
    The United States’ largest sanctioning body of motor sports chose Calrec Audio’s Summa digital broadcast audio console for its studio upgrade.

    CHARLOTTE, NC, OCTOBER 10, 2019 Every weekend during racing
    season, millions of viewers tune in to the fast-paced action of stock-car
    racing. In order to place the viewer in the driver’s seat, the United States’ largest
    sanctioning body of motor sports chose Calrec Audio’s Summa digital
    broadcast audio console for its studio upgrade.


    “Calrec’s reputation for sports coverage throughout the industry speaks volumes
    and made us the leading contender in their upgrade process,” says Rob Lewis, national
    technical sales, Calrec Audio. “As the most relied on brand in U.S. sports, many
    existing A1s are already very familiar with mixing on Calrec consoles.”


    The Summa is designed for live broadcast applications with a focus on
    instinctive operation, which is perfectly suited to the high-speed action of
    American car racing. Control is via a 17-inch multi-touchscreen inspired
    by familiar tablet technology, with a straightforward interface that uses
    established finger gestures to navigate the system. Bluefin2 technology gives
    Summa a pool of 180- or 128-channel processing paths, eight groups, four mains,
    16 auxes and 32 tracks, ensuring that it captures all the action of action
    sports. Its Hydra2 core provides Summa with the same integral router technology
    as the Apollo and Artemis consoles, which are also popular in live broadcasting.


    motivation for the Summa being chosen is for consistency and compatibility; other
    broadcast trucks that cover these racing events already have Calrec consoles
    installed,” adds Lewis. “This helps to create an audio and operability consistency
    throughout the broadcast audio workflow chain, from the track to the studio. It
    has worked out incredibly well and the client is very happy.”


    About Calrec Audio Ltd.

    more than 50 years the world's most successful broadcasters have relied on
    Calrec. They still do. As our industry adapts to new viewing habits and
    evolving commercial environments, Calrec is helping broadcasters to stay ahead
    as they switch to IP infrastructures; to achieve efficiency with remote
    broadcasting; to save money with virtualised production. Calrec’s radio-focussed
    and flexible Type R can adapt to a variety of requirements including headless,
    and Calrec has expanded its range of consoles, from the cost-effective Brio consoles,
    to the IP-enabled ImPulse core. For flexible working, integrated networks and
    reliable audio, Calrec has it covered. More information at calrec.com.

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