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Aaron Butler, "I Am Michael" and Storyboarding

In this episode Gordon and Aaron sit down and continue their discussion about the film I Am Michael and his unique approach to story boarding key moments in a film.

Aaron explains during the podcast his use of storyboards with recipe/index cards for the film I Am Michael and you will notice that it is drastically different from traditional boarding techniques. As Aaron mentions in the interview, he is a visual person and using boards that focus on the key story and plot points that the film demands, helps him become the best editor he can be.

For I Am Michael, it was about a character's history, his relationships, and how these affected him. So for this film, Aaron color coded each of the different relationships with a particular recipe card color, and used a board that allowed him to stand at a distance, and see what the overall flow of the story is, and make any changes to the film by physically moving things on the boards.

Each act gets its own poster board.
Each board needs to build or accomplish something.
A full index card is equal to a big scene.
Minor, small scenes, or montages - are represented by half index cards.
With these cards, he builds rows that represent a sequence building to something.

When talking to Aaron via email he explained that the columns help him decide what moments are too long "the columns are super helpful for looking at what to cut, if a particular column is too long, it’s probably taking too long to get to the next major story change..."

The Boards can be seen in the image below. However, the image is slightly blurred so that the content of the cards, from Aaron's current film, won't leak any details.

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